AIS SART Rescue Transmitter with DSC – easyRESCUE-PRO (BT) (A040-PRO(BT))

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AIS + DSC search and rescue transmitter

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The easyRESCUE-PRO (BT) is an AIS sea rescue transmitter
with additional alarm via DSC.

This variant features:

  • Alerting via AIS
  • Alerting via DSC
  • Automatic trigger
  • Easy programming via Bluetooth and app


  • Fully buoyant
  • Manual and automatic activation (3 ways to trigger)
  • Easy programming via Bluetooth and app
  • 96h in AIS operation after the DSC “closed loop” alert was confirmed by own ship
  • 24h in AIS and DSC operation if DSC (without confirmation) runs to the end
  • Individual device ID is sent
  • Device status is indicated by 4 LEDs
  • Large radio range of approx. 10nm and more (depending on the height of the receiving antenna)
  • GPS position is updated every minute
  • No regular usage fee
  • No lag from satellite communication


DSC transmitter and receiver

  • Includes a DSC transmitter and receiver
  • Closed loop DSC alerting can be sent to up to 8 programmable DSC ship stations.
  • “Open loop” DSC alerts (All ships call) are received by common DSC stations (Basestation, Class A,B,D and H) and can be acknowledged by base and Class A stations.
  • Compliant with RTCM 11901.1 and certified according to EN 301 025 (DSC Class D)
  • The easyRESCUE-PRO therefore has two functions: localization by (AIS) and GMDSS alerting via DSC
  • AIS
    • Frequencies: 161.975MHz and 162.025MHz
    • Transmission power: > 2 watts
    • Approvals: BHS, SOLAS, CE and R&TTE
    • 45 hours (DSC confirmed immediately)
    • Supported AIS messages:
      • Msg.1:
        AIS position report (dynamic data)
        • 6/8 times per minute
        • Device MMSI: 9-digit identification number (unique worldwide)
        • Position
        • Speed Over Ground (SOG)
        • Course Over Ground (COG)
        • Navigational Status Alarm: 14; test: 15


      • Msg.14:
        AIS Safety related message
        • 2 times every 4 minutes
        • MMSI
        • Text: “SART ACTIVE” in an emergency
        • Text: “SART TEST” in test mode
  • DSC
    • Frequency: 156.525MHz, Channel 70
    • Transmission power: 0.5 watts
    • Certification: RTCM and DSC Class D
    • Operating mode: “closed loop” and “open loop” according to RTCM 11901.1
  • GPS receiver: 56 channel receiver with integrated antenna, approved according to IEC 61108-1
  • VHF antenna: flexible metal band antenna, foldable
  • Display:
    • LEDs for function control
    • 1 bright flashing LED for optical localization
  • Controls:
    • 2 buttons
    • 1 Magnetic release
  • Protection class: IP68 (waterproof up to 10m & dustproof)
  • Operating temperature: -20°C – 55°C
  • Storage temperature: -30°C to +70°C
  • Battery: Industrial pack lithium cells 9V/3V
  • Battery life: 5 years (SOLAS standard)
  • Dimensions (L/W/H): 125 x 68 x 30 mm
  • Weight: about 350g
  • Service interval:
    • after activation
    • after 5 years, use only in test mode
  • easyRESCUE-PRO (BT) rescue transmitter
  • User Guide
  • CE
  • R&TTE



  • IEC 61097-14, IEC 60945, ITU-RM.1371-3, IMO Res. MSC.246(83), IEC 61108-1



  • RTCM 11901.1, EN301025, DSC Class D


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