Chart plotter

Chart plotter an integral part of boat navigation

The chart plotter is the heart of a boat and has therefore become an integral part of boat navigation. In navigation, chart plotters have become indispensable equipment, and every boat, whether sailboat or motorboat, should also have an AIS transponder, also known as an AIS transceiver.


Safe navigation and clear display of AIS data

A chart plotter is used for navigation in electronic form on a display. The central function is therefore to display the ship’s position on a nautical chart. The GPS position of your own boat received by our easyTRX3 AIS transponder is therefore displayed on the chart plotter on a map and not just in text form. Other AIS signals within range can also be displayed thanks to the combination of chart plotter and AIS transponder. This significantly increases safety at sea.


Combination packages

Here in our online store we have plotters with different display sizes of 6 inches, 7 inches and 9 inches. We also offer bundles consisting of a chart plotter and AIS transponder or a chart plotter, AIS transponder and two AIS rescue transmitters. The sea rescue transmitters complete the package perfectly. In the event of a man-overboard situation, the GPS position of the person who has gone overboard is received via the AIS transponder thanks to an AIS rescue transmitter and is also shown on the chart plotter display. An indispensable combination on board!

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