Automatic life jacket incl. Rescue transmitter – Secumar Survival 275 DUO PROTECT (U-A171)

Lifejacket 275N

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Secumar Survival 275 DUO PROTECT

275N Lifejacket with harness. EN ISO 12402-2. Ergonomically preformed shoulder area for optimal freedom of movement. Integration of small distress transmitters possible. Highly resistant DUO PROTECT float (4 layers), spray hood, crotch strap.

Equipment and functional design:

The ergonomically preformed shoulder area ensures optimal freedom of movement and is particularly suitable for long trips. The fashionable design of the SURVIVAL 275 stands out with a transverse zipper. This makes it easier to clear the small packed 275N float.

Crotch strap and spray hood are standard.

Also available without DUO PROTECT.


  • Comfort and freedom of movement
    The ergonomically preformed protective cover offers maximum freedom of movement and allows the life jacket to be worn permanently. The back part and the underside of the lifejacket are also padded.
  • SECUMAR-Window
    Function control is now easier than ever. A window in the protective cover allows you to see at a glance from the outside whether the automatic release is ready for use.
    The Survival 275 Duo Protect is equipped with the new, patented SECUMATIC 4001S automatic trigger. A single indicator shows when the inflator and CO2 cartridge are ready for use.
  • New floating body design
    The newly designed floating body of the SURVIVAL enables faster turning into the supine position.
  • DUO PROTECT – double protection for the swimming body
    The SECUMAR innovation for the extra class: Two layers of coated fabric and highly stretchable polyurethane film form the floating body wall. This combination and the mobility of the layers against each other make the float extremely resistant to kinking or leakage through friction or puncture.
  • Softshell in the neck area
    Chafing marks on the neck don’t stand a chance. A soft softshell part ensures that the neck is comfortable to wear.
  • Putting on and taking off
    Putting on and taking off the lifejacket is very easy thanks to the patented SECUMAR-CLICK fastener. It is put on like a normal jacket.
  • Underlying standards
    DIN EN ISO 12402-2
    (CE mark), DIN EN ISO 12401 (integrated life belt/harness)
Technical specifications
Buoyancy Class (CE) 275N
Type of buoyancy/inflation technique Inflatable / Automatic 40015
Buoyancy/ CO2-cartridge 280 N / 60 g CO2 Dock
Height/Body weight from 50 kg
Floating body DUO PROTECT- Float, signal orange, 3M-Reflective strips, faster turning to the supine position, AIS SART rescue transmitter integrated.
Standard equipment Inspection window, spray protection hood, crotch strap, strap for emergency light, padded back part, stowage pocket, hanging loop, closed in protective cover with zip, soft shell in the neck area
Color Dark blue, neon yellow
Harness Yes
Closure Click fitting in front
Emergency light Optional. see accessories
Particular suitability/application Ocean sailing, yacht- and cruising


Integrated Rescue Transmitter – easyRESCUE

The Alpha 275 AS is equipped with an integrated AIS S.A.R.T. Rescue Transmitter. Choose between the easyRESCUE-BW-COM or the easyRESCUE-PRO(BT).
The integrated rescue transmitter activates itself automatically when the lifejacket’s floatation body is inflated, since a magnetic switch is opened by means of a rip cord. After activation, the device receives the current GPS position and transmits it via AIS message to every AIS receiver in transmission range. Your own ship with AIS equipment on board notices the emergency situation immediately and can approach the casualty with pinpoint accuracy, since the GPS position is updated every minute and the course and speed over ground are also transmitted. You gain valuable time!



Sea Rescue Transmitter with AIS alert


Sea Rescue Transmitter with AIS + DSC alerting
(easy programming via Bluetooth and app).


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Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 60 × 30 × 10 cm
Rescue Transmitter



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