Service for easyONE/easyONE-DSC/easy2-MOB (R_03)

Service package easyONE/easy2-MOB

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Product description


The service for easyONE, easyONE-DSC-CL and easy2-MOB Rescue Transmitters

  • Changing batteries
  • Replace seal
  • Replace release tablet
  • Functional and leak test


Settlement process

  1. Buy service
    Buy the service here in the store.
  2. Send the device to us
    Send the device to us well packed (you as the buyer bear the shipping costs).
  3. Service is carried out by us
    After receipt of payment and receipt of the device, we will carry out the service.
  4. Return shipment
    We will send your device back to you.
    (The shipping costs for this are already calculated at the time of purchase and have therefore already been paid by you).


When is a service due?

  • after the rescue transmitter has been triggered
  • after 5 years (applies to easy2-MOB)
  • after 7 years (applies to all easyONE variants)The battery expiration date on which the service is due at the latest is written on the device!


If a device is 10 years old, we no longer carry out a service. For your own safety, we recommend purchasing a new Rescue Transmitter.

Here you will find the required information:


easyONE easyONE-DSC-CL easy2-MOB label


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